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Fly With the Eagles Half Marathon

February 10, 2024

Murphysboro, IL

Get ready to spread your wings and soar through the scenic streets of Murphysboro, IL at the "Fly With the Eagles Half Marathon" on February 10, 2024! This exhilarating race will have you feeling as free as a bird as you glide through the course, leaving your competition in a flap!
Get ready to spread your wings and soar through the scenic streets of Murphysboro, IL at the
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About The Fly With the Eagles Half Marathon

Get ready to spread your wings and soar through the picturesque streets of Murphysboro, Illinois at the highly anticipated Fly With the Eagles Half Marathon! Taking place on the 10th of February 2024, this race promises an unforgettable experience for all passionate half marathon runners.

Nestled in the heart of Southern Illinois, Murphysboro offers a breathtaking backdrop for this exhilarating race. As you fly through the city’s charming streets, you’ll be greeted by stunning views of the Shawnee National Forest and the majestic Ohio River. The course promises to be both challenging and rewarding, with its mix of flat terrains, gentle slopes, and captivating scenery.

But that’s not all – Murphysboro is known for its vibrant community spirit and warm hospitality. Local residents line the streets, eagerly cheering on participants every step of the way, providing an incredible motivation to keep pushing forward. You’ll also be delighted to discover that Murphysboro is renowned for its delectable cuisine and charming local shops, making it the perfect place to refuel and recharge after the race.

As for the weather in February, runners can expect a crisp and invigorating atmosphere. With average temperatures ranging from 30°F to 45°F, the cool winter air will add an extra touch of excitement to your race day experience.

So lace up your running shoes, feel the wind in your hair, and get ready to soar like an eagle at the Fly With the Eagles Half Marathon. Let this race be your wings to new heights of personal achievement and a day filled with joy, camaraderie, and amazing memories. Join us in Murphysboro and let your spirits take flight!

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