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Missoula Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K & Kids Marathon

June 29, 2024

Missoula, MT

Get ready to experience the ultimate "run-derland" in the breathtaking Missoula MT! On June 29, 2024, join us for the Missoula Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K & Kids Marathon extravaganza! Lace up your happy feet, leave no "sole" unturned, and let the stunning scenery "sneak" up on you as you sprint towards an unforgettable adventure!
Get ready to experience the ultimate
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About The Missoula Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K & Kids Marathon

The Missoula Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K & Kids Marathon held on June 29, 2024, in Missoula, MT, is an exhilarating race that draws in runners from all around the country. As a half marathon runner, this event is perfect for you to challenge yourself and experience the beauty of Big Sky Country.

Registration for this remarkable weekend of events opens on October 1, 2023, so mark your calendar now to secure your spot in this extraordinary race. The Missoula Marathon has gained a reputation as one of the best races in America, consistently being recognized by esteemed publications such as Runner’s World, The BibRave 100, and RaceRaves.

Missoula, known as the “Last Best Place,” is a vibrant city nestled in the stunning scenery of Montana. With its picturesque mountain views and tranquil rivers, it’s no wonder why Missoula is a runner’s paradise. The city boasts miles of scenic trails and a strong running community that will surely inspire and motivate you throughout the race.

In terms of weather, June in Missoula offers ideal running conditions. With average temperatures ranging from 50 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, you can expect a comfortable climate that won’t hinder your performance. The pleasant summer weather, combined with the breathtaking landscapes, creates an unforgettable race experience.

So lace up your running shoes and get ready to embark on a memorable journey through the heart of Montana. The Missoula Marathon promises not only a challenging and well-organized race but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in a community that celebrates running. Don’t miss out on this last best race – join us in Missoula and let the adventure begin!

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