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Runners Half Marathon of Reston

April 21, 2024

Reston, VA

Join the Runners Half Marathon of Reston half marathon in Reston, VA on 21 April 2024. This is a April half marathon in Virginia.
Join the Runners Half Marathon of Reston half marathon in Reston, VA on 21 April 2024. This is a April half marathon in  Virginia.
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About The Runners Half Marathon of Reston

Welcome to the Runners Half Marathon of Reston! Get ready to lace up your running shoes and experience an exhilarating race on 21st April 2024 in the vibrant city of Reston, VA. This half marathon is a must for all running enthusiasts seeking a thrilling and picturesque course combined with a lively atmosphere.

Why would a runner love this event? Firstly, the race route takes you through the stunning streets of Reston, offering a mix of urban and natural scenery. As you dash along the course, be prepared to be captivated by the charming neighborhoods, serene parks, and beautiful lakes within the city. The organizers have carefully designed the path to offer both a challenging and rewarding experience, ensuring you’ll have plenty of motivation to push your limits.

Reston itself is a fascinating city that perfectly blends natural beauty and modern amenities. Known for its incredible urban planning, Reston offers a multitude of parks, recreational spaces, and walking trails, making it an ideal location for runners. Fun fact: Did you know that Reston was inspired by the Garden City movement, an urban planning concept that promotes healthy living and environmental sustainability?

As for the weather, April in Reston promises a delightful running climate. With temperatures ranging from 50°F to 70°F (10°C to 21°C), you can expect a comfortable and enjoyable running experience. The spring blossoms, blossoming trees, and mild breeze will add to the uplifting ambiance, making every step of the race a joy to take.

So, lace up your shoes, join us at the Runners Half Marathon of Reston, and get ready for an unforgettable race day! Remember, there’s a surprise waiting for you at the finish line in the form of delicious local treats. Let’s cross that finish line with a smile on our faces and a belly full of joy!

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