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Too Hot To Handle Half

July 20, 2024

Dallas, TX

Get ready to sizzle on the streets of Dallas this summer at the "Too Hot To Handle Half" marathon! Join us on July 20th, 2024, as we bring the heat with this scorching race. Prepare for a fiery challenge that will leave you burning with excitement. Don't miss this blazing opportunity to conquer the Texas heat!
Get ready to sizzle on the streets of Dallas this summer at the
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About The Too Hot To Handle Half

Welcome to the Too Hot To Handle Half, the ultimate summer running experience in Dallas, TX! Taking place on the 20th of July 2024, this half marathon promises to be an unforgettable event that combines scenic routes, enthusiastic crowds, and a vibrant city atmosphere.

As a runner, you’ll absolutely love participating in the Too Hot To Handle Half. The race offers a challenging yet rewarding course that winds through the heart of Dallas, showcasing stunning landmarks such as the iconic Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and the picturesque Dallas Arts District. With its flat terrain and well-maintained roads, this event is perfect for both seasoned half marathoners aiming for a personal best and beginners looking for a memorable race experience.

Fun facts about Dallas abound, from its impressive collection of world-class museums to its reputation as a hub for arts, culture, and sports. The city is also home to a diverse culinary scene, offering a wide array of delicious post-race dining options. Immerse yourself in the Texan charm and hospitality as you explore the city’s vibrant neighborhoods and soak up its rich history.

July in Dallas means one thing: hot weather! With average temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the low-90s Fahrenheit, you’re guaranteed a warm and sunny race. Don’t worry, though, as the organizers have ensured ample hydration stations and misting stations along the route to keep you cool throughout the race.

So lace up your running shoes, don your favorite sweat-wicking gear, and get ready to conquer the Too Hot To Handle Half. Remember, after all that hard work in the summer sun, you deserve to reward yourself with an icy cold post-race treat at one of the city’s legendary ice cream parlors. Ice cream has never tasted so sweet!

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