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Summer Camp Series – Day 5
Waite Park, MN
July 17, 2024
Get ready to soak up the summer sun and sweat it out at the most sizzling event of the season! Join us at the Summer Camp Series - Day 5 half marathon race on July 17, 2024, in Waite Park, MN. It's time to sprint, giggle, and camp your way to the finish line!
Mount Rainier Half Marathon
Ashford, WA
July 19, 2024
Get ready to conquer the majestic Mount Rainier Half Marathon on July 19, 2024, in Ashford, WA! This epic race will leave you breathless with stunning views and challenging trails. So, strap on your speedy sneakers and prepare to reach new heights, because this adventure will definitely take your breath away!
Midnight on the Mesa
Pinedale, WY
July 19, 2024
Get ready to embrace the wild side of running under a starlit sky at Midnight on the Mesa! Pinedale, Wyoming is hosting the coolest half marathon on July 19, 2024. This electrifying race will leave you howling for more as you traverse the picturesque landscapes. It's time to hoof it and let the adventure begin!
Great Appalachian Valley Half Marathon
Shippensburg, PA
July 20, 2024
Get ready to conquer the rolling hills and valleys of Shippensburg, PA, because the Great Appalachian Valley Half Marathon is here to take your breath away! Lace up your sneakers and let the breathtaking scenery fuel your determination as you embark on this epic adventure on 20th July 2024.
Canal Run
Hancock, MI
July 20, 2024
Get ready to run the watery trails and quench your thirst for a good challenge! Join us on July 20, 2024, in Hancock, MI, for the spectacular Canal Run half marathon. Dive into an exhilarating race alongside the beautiful canal, and leave the competition in your wake as you make a splash!
University of Okoboji Homecoming Races
Okoboji, IA
July 20, 2024
Get ready to sprint, jog, or waddle your way through the University of Okoboji Homecoming Races on July 20, 2024! It's time to lace up your sneakers (oops, we promised no shoe references) and get your marathon game on. Prepare for a hilarious run-packed adventure, filled with fun puns and unforgettable memories in Okoboji, IA!
Too Hot To Handle Half
Dallas, TX
July 20, 2024
Get ready to sizzle on the streets of Dallas this summer at the "Too Hot To Handle Half" marathon! Join us on July 20th, 2024, as we bring the heat with this scorching race. Prepare for a fiery challenge that will leave you burning with excitement. Don't miss this blazing opportunity to conquer the Texas heat!
Alaska Salmon Runs
Cordova, AK
July 20, 2024
Dive into a fin-tastic adventure at the Alaska Salmon Runs! Join us on 20th July 2024 in Cordova AK for a splash of a half marathon. Get ready to scale new heights as you chase your PB amidst breathtaking landscapes and embrace the true spirit of the wild. Unleash your inner salmon and swim-run your way to victory!