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Pettit Indoor Marathon
Milwaukee, WI
February 23, 2024
Get ready to sprint, jog, and leap into action at the Pettit Indoor Marathon! On February 23, 2024, Milwaukee will witness the ultimate athletic spectacle as runners chase their dreams in an exhilarating half marathon. So lace up those sneakers, unleash your inner speed demon, and let's race towards greatness!
Frozen Hare 2
Broomall, PA
February 24, 2024
Get ready to hop into action at the Frozen Hare 2, the coolest half marathon race in Broomall, PA! On February 24, 2024, join us for a frosty, fun-filled adventure that will leave you feeling like a hare-o! Grab your bunny ears and bound through icy trails towards the finish line!
Winter Trail Frosty Half & Quarter Marathon
Indianapolis, IN
February 24, 2024
Join us for the coolest race in town! The Winter Trail Frosty Half & Quarter Marathon is hitting Indianapolis on February 24, 2024, bringing frosty fun to your running journey. Whether you're a snow bunny or a winter warrior, this chilly challenge will have you frolicking through icy trails and leaving Jack Frost in your dust!
Greenville Half Marathon
Greenville, SC
February 24, 2024
Get ready to hit the streets and make Greenville SC your personal playground on February 24, 2024! The Greenville Half Marathon is back, bringing a tidal wave of excitement, sweat, and laughter. So, don't be a slowpoke, join the party and let's see who can run the "Greenvilicious" distance with style!
Yeti Trail Half
Westville, IN
February 24, 2024
Get ready to embark on a legendary running adventure that will make your heart race faster than a mythical creature! The Yeti Trail Half, happening on February 24, 2024 in Westville IN, promises an epic challenge filled with snowy trails, frosty fun, and a finish line celebration that will leave you roaring for more!
Sunrise Marathon ATLANTA
Atlanta, GA
February 24, 2024
Rise and shine, Atlanta! Get ready to kick asphalt at the Sunrise Marathon ATLANTA on February 24, 2024. We're dishing out a thrilling half marathon experience that'll have you racing with the sun, taking in the city's iconic sights and crossing the finish line with a big ol' grin on your face. Let's rock 'n' run, y'all!
Viking Dash – Charlotte
Troutman, NC
February 24, 2024
Get ready to unleash your inner Viking and conquer the epic Viking Dash in Troutman, NC! On February 24, 2024, join fellow warriors for a half marathon race that will make your heart race faster than a longship on the open seas. Prepare to pillage the course and leave no stone unturned!
Run Against Breast Cancer HOUSTON
Houston, TX
February 24, 2024
Get ready to race and embrace the power of pink at Run Against Breast Cancer HOUSTON! On 24th February 2024, join us in Houston, TX, as we sprint towards a future without breast cancer. From the starting line to the finish, let's make strides, not just in miles, but in the fight against this disease.